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However, Maud was a quick learner and a dedicated student. She surpassed many of her classmates and was accepted to Prince of Wales College in Charlottetown. She made up for the missed year of school by completing the two year teacher's course in just one year and graduating with honors. After her graduation from Prince of Wales College, Maud began teaching. After three years at three different schools on Prince Edward Island: Bideford, Belmont, and Lower Bedeque, Maud took a year to pursue higher education, an unconventional endeavor for a woman at that time.

She received her first payments for her work while attending Dalhousie. Maud completed a year at the university, and then returned to teaching.

The Works of L.M. Montgomery by L.M. Montgomery

While she was teaching at Lower Bedeque in , her grandfather passed away. Leaving her post immediately, Maud returned to Cavendish. Because her widowed grandmother was alone and faced with the predicament of finding a new place to live, Maud returned to live with her grandmother. She took over the household duties and finances. She cared for her grandmother for the next thirteen years. For a brief time from and , Maud left Cavendish, at her grandmother's urgings. Maud accepted a job writing for the newspaper The Daily Echo in Halifax.

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After nine months, however, she chose to return to her grandmother, expressing that her needs were greater than the need for Maud to continue a career, and she returned to Cavendish. These lonely years with her grandmother provided the solitude Maud needed to dedicate herself completely to her writing. She spent most of her day writing poetry and short-stories, and trying to get them published.

Maud expanded her horizons and began sending work to publishers in Canada , America , and Great Britain. She, like most writers, faced a great amount of rejection. But, finally, she found a small audience for her work and started earning an income. The milestone in Lucy Maud Montgomery's life came in , when she wrote her first novel.

It was a charming and heart-warming story about a red-headed orphan girl named Anne Shirley. It took Maud two years to find a publisher, but the Page Company of Boston, Massachusetts, published it in She was 34 when Anne of Green Gables became an immediate success and put her on the map as a successful new novelist.

She published the book under her pen name, L. The book was also filmed as a silent movie in , with Mary Miles Minter, and later became a successful television movie in , with Megan Follows. A version directed by George Nicholls, Jr is considered the best adaptation.

All but one of her twenty novels were set in her beloved Prince Edward Island. A tiny and insignificant place to most of the world, Prince Edward Island now has a booming tourism industry. Dedicated fans of Montgomery's novels frequent the island to see the places and people that Maud so lovingly brought to life in great detail.

The novel took off, gaining popularity even outside of Canada—although outside press often tried to depict Canada as a whole as a romantic, rustic country in the vein of Avonlea. Montgomery, too, was often idealized as the perfect female author: undesiring of attention and happiest in the domestic sphere, even though she herself admitted that she looked upon her writing as a true job.

The couple were somewhat mismatched in personality, as Macdonald did not share Lucy's passion for literature and history. However, Lucy believed it was her duty to make the marriage work, and the husband and wife settled into a friendship. The couple had two surviving sons, as well as one stillborn son. When World War I broke out, Lucy threw herself into the war effort wholeheartedly, believing it was a moral crusade and becoming nearly obsessed with news about the war.

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After the war ended, though, her troubles escalated: her husband suffered major depression, and Lucy herself was nearly killed by the Spanish flu pandemic of Lucy became disillusioned with the aftermath of the war and felt guilt over her own zealous support. During the same period, Lucy learned that her publisher, L. Page, had been cheating her out of her royalties for the first set of Green Gables books. Green Gables had lost its appeal for Lucy, and she turned to other books, such as the Emily of New Moon series.

When he was released, however, a drug store accidentally mixed poison into his antidepressant pill; the accident nearly killed him, and he blamed Lucy, beginning a period of abuse. In June , she was named to the Order of the British Empire. Lucy's depression did not cease, and she became addicted to the medicines that doctors prescribed to treat it. When World War II broke out and Canada joined the war , she was anguished that the world was again plunging into war and suffering.

  1. Lignoble vérité concernant Richard Muller (French Edition).
  2. Lady Of The Pool;
  3. Christmas Eve, Many Years From Now (a ten minute play) (eTens).

She planned to complete another Anne of Green Gables book, The Blythes Are Quoted , but it was not published until many years later in a revised version. Her official cause of death was coronary thrombosis , although her granddaughter suggested, years later, that she may have intentionally overdosed. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.

Lucy Maud Montgomery

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