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I had thrown it away in a cinematic fashion, as if I were yanking off my tie and stomping away from my job. And then a huge explosion went off behind me and I just kept walking.

Don't tell cancer patients what they could be doing to cure themselves | Steven W Thrasher

In the waiting room, I texted a friend, Anya. We like coming up with dream casts of movies based on books. She came right back with Excellent Women by Barbara Pym, a devastatingly witty tale of an English spinster and her peculiar love life. Casting began immediately with Rocky Napier, the dashing, flirtatious military man. We settled upon Adam Driver as the odd anthropologist Everard Bone. A few more characters in, and my name was called. After the first event, a minute blood draw with an IV, I texted Anya again. Anya was confused. But it always follows me. I try to fake it out by pretending things are OK.

If I pretend, I can sort of believe it too, for a time.

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There I sat with a taped-over IV in my arm, which was left in so that the next event, an injection of radioactive isotopes for a bone scan, would be smooth sailing. Because I am allergic to the sort of medical tape usually used to strap this business into place, my little arm-tube gets wrapped up in a comfy sock-like cloud, a perfect cushion to try and get some writing done.

I really need to mention here that I spent a good two years in these environs. I know full well there are only a few things that can be done in waiting rooms. Pawing through greasy magazines. Staring into space. Discussing minutiae slowly with your friend or family member. These tips can help you make the most of them, manage your care effectively , and get important information about any support that you may need:.

Get a clear idea of who is on your medical team and how the members work together to manage your complete health. Discuss how cancer treatment might impact your ability to live independently, either temporarily or for longer periods. As an older adult, your cancer treatment can sometimes make it hard to do things on your own. You may also have other medical issues to manage. A caregiver can help you:.

Prepare for potential emergencies. Having a caregiver or medical support person help you prepare for an emergency can give you peace of mind and set you up for a quick response if you need assistance. Together, create a plan that gives you easy access to a phone or a medical alert device at all times. Add easy-to-find contacts on your phone for your doctor, , and your caregivers or family members.

Finding Gratitude and Other Lessons Learned from Cancer

It is also a good idea to create a medication system or checklist that makes sense to you and to your caregivers. Maintain good nutrition.

Maintaining good nutrition is a key part of cancer treatment. One of the most helpful things caregivers and friends can do is to provide you healthy meals and food. These are often called meal trains. If your budget allows, there may be meal delivery services in your area. Do daily activities. You may need help with shopping, errands, cleaning, and other household activities. Consider having others do these tasks so you can conserve your energy for activities you enjoy, such as spending time with family and friends or exercising.

Set up check-ins. If you live alone, consider having someone check in on you regularly, both in person and by phone. If you feel that you are not able to be alone during certain phases of treatment, ask a family member to come stay with you. You can also hire a temporary caregiver to be there during those times. Exercise is a vital part of cancer treatment and recovery for older adults.

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It can help you maintain your independence throughout cancer treatment and beyond. Having strong muscles is the key to staying mobile and active. Maintaining your strength during treatment will help decrease your risk for falls and keep your energy up. Light exercise, such as daily walking, can help fight fatigue and other treatment side effects and has been shown to be safe for people with cancer.

Even people who are less mobile can benefit from exercise, whether it be balance training, bed and chair exercises, or walking with an assistive device for support. So much of our lives are governed by what other people think of us — from our job to our clothes or how we bring up our children. Not everyone finds their true path in life after cancer — studies say 40 per cent get anxious or depressed after treatment ends. Amanda Baird ran the 5k Race for Life two weeks after her last dose of chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer. In the five years since she has taken part in a triathlon and the London to Brighton bike ride.

Cancer survivors understand they must savour life. Instead I have a list of things to achieve Chris, cancer survivor.

You can prevent people irritating you Many cancer survivors say they can distance themselves from angry or rude comments.