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The opening riff of the song is reminiscent of the Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop", if one were to take the same chords but play the progression backwards using the same rhythm.

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The song is played with the guitar tuned a half-step down, as are all their Dookie songs. The song is also featured in the movie Surf's Up.

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A video was released for the song. It features the band playing live, while the studio version from the Dookie album is playing during the band's performance. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. When his hips cleared the porthole, he let out a soft yelp, and then made a large splash in the ocean below. His brown hair was plastered to his skull and his expensive suit was soaked clean through. Dripping and shivering, he rolled over onto his back and wheezed, sucking in air and coughing out misty clouds of sea water.

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Though that would mean leaving your friend to fend for himself. The local wildlife tends to lash out. And thanks for the advice.

The stowaway grunted as he forced himself to sit up on the dock. He squeezed the sleeve of his silk jacket and returned sea water to its home.

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After that, if you need help at any time, for any reason, call the nearest Lionguard and ask for me. In the distance, Kiel heard the shriek of a karka and the roar of a reef drake. She imagined them tearing into one another, and anyone else within striking distance. She pictured Consortium troubleshooters squaring off against unruly residents.

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Purchasable with gift card. In November , over artists walked through the doors of the legendary Fantasy Studios and spent over 22 days recording and mixing 14 songs at Fantasy Studios. Yes, the same place that Green Day recorded the original album.

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UnderCover has asked 14 Bay Area Bands to put their own twist on the twisted. The genres have ranged from Arabic Rai to Gospel to Orchestral UnderCover Presents enables musicians and audiences to deepen bonds with the local artistic scene through collective celebration of a shared cultural touchstone.

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UnderCover navigates audiences to a diverse range of musicians by reinterpreting an iconic album in its entirety with a different ensemble performing each song in their own style. The result of UnderCover's uniquely diverse collaboration is a ripple effect.

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Musicians continue collaborative efforts beyond the shows. Audiences explore genres and artists that they normally wouldn't come across, and continue following them long after their UnderCover appearance. Dear mother, Can you hear me whining?