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Chris and Victoria fell hard for each other years ago, but they both pursued other dreams…and partners. But are they willing to give each other a second chance? No matter the time of year, this three-story holiday anthology makes the perfect gift to slip into your own stocking. Restaurateur Mitch Davis has it bad for real estate agent Cara Holiday.

At a holiday party, she makes an unexpected acquaintance, and feels herself torn between her life of adventure and a surprising new romance with a man from home.

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She leaves for Miami to celebrate Christmas with her first few days of singledom. But when Jonathan arrives in town too, Lola realizes that her feelings for the man she married are still there. This emotional love story by Mary Kay McComas is absolutely unforgettable. In , Livy Hubbard and Brian Carowack strike up an unlikely childhood friendship on the playground. Still, the two remain close throughout childhood and their teenage years, and keep in touch even after their adult lives take them on very different paths.

Then, three decades after their first fateful meeting, chance brings Livy and Brian together again — and gives the friends a chance to acknowledge what their connection really means to them both. Lady Constance Read has never felt she needed a man — until now. Constance is on a mission, and requires a husband in order to gain access to a secret Scottish society and perpetrate an act of vengeance.

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The first book in the Marriage to a Billionaire trilogy, The Marriage Bargain is fun and sexy—full of sexual tension that will make you weak in the knees. Plus, its heroine is a bookstore owner! But when she needs to keep her family home, she agrees to marry him so he can lock down an inheritance. But soon enough, real feelings grow in the soil of their fake marriage. Pairing the second-chance romance and fake relationship tropes together, this book is sure to keep you entertained! Second chances rarely get as emotional or as raw as Take This Regret.

Five years ago, Christian was so ambitious to become an attorney that he left Elizabeth and their unborn child. Diamonds Diamonds have been discovered as early as 4th century BC.

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For the Regency world the majority of these gems are found in India and China commonly transported down the Silk Road. Wheatley by age seventeen has become known for her poems.

  • Consume (The Clann, Book 3).
  • Libby Campbell, romance with a sting in the tale — Libby Campbell Romance.
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Phillis Wheatley , was a Boston slave freed by her owners so that she could continue her work. Agoraphobia Agoraphobia is a type of disorder in which a person fears open or closed places.

The anxiety illness was first described in a scientific paper and named by Carl Friedrich Otto Westphal in Symptoms can include disproportionate reactions to stimulus such as going outside, noises, closed spaces. Physical responses are rapid heartbeats, troubled breathing sweats, nausea, dizziness. Therapies can include, medication, incremental exposure treatments. Check Out My Books. Subscribe to Stay Connected. Instead, they eloped to Gretna Green and upon returning, their carriage was beset by highwaymen and she witnessed the murder of her new husband.

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  7. Now, four years later, with a child, she wants to move on with her life. A marriage of convenience will do.

    Ruth already had a love for the ages. Too much danger. So many secrets. When he was nearly beaten to death and sold into impressment, he thought Ruth had died, too. Finding the situation much worse than he'd thought, he trades his job as a big-city detective for one with the Conroy police department.

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    Assigned to the park shooting case, Charlie quickly realizes that the initial investigation left a lot of questions unanswered. Unofficially, he teams up with Mallory to uncover the truth and find the two kids, dead or alive. Read an Excerpt "Stewart sets up a clever overarching premise for her intense new series with an independent group of law-enforcement professionals whose mission is taking on cold cases, all bankrolled by a billionaire with his own tragic story.

    With its hard-edged drama and some burgeoning romance, this story works on many levels. Stewart is a blessing to the genre. Stewart begins a new series that focuses on missing persons. The vivid characters she assembles have ample flaws to interest readers as they watch them develop and reawaken to the new possibilities that life offers.

    The well-executed plot ends with a thrilling climax. Highly recommended! This book comes highly recommended by this reviewer. Mariah Stewart has created real characters with flaws and problems. Sheldon Woods kidnapped and killed an untold number of boys, then escaped the death penalty by making a plea deal for multiple life sentences. Nearly a decade later, the full extent of his crimes is still unknown, and many of his victims have never been accounted for. FBI agent Portia Cahill is tasked with confronting the caged killer, and obliged to play his mind games to get what she's after.

    But she ends up with more than she bargained for when the remains of another boy's body are discovered. But chasing a killer's grisly legacy, and the bones of the forgotten dead, will lead them into the lethal orbit of a latter-day monster who's seeding the graves of the past with a fresh wave of innocent victims. Panicked, Daria turns to the FBI.

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    It's an assignment that Special Agent Connor Shields is more than happy to accept: Daria is the same pretty American archaeologist he's been searching for ever since a chance meeting two years ago. Amid rumors of a curse and mounting pressure from both the FBI and the museum, Daria and Connor race to unmask their enemy and unravel a mystery stretching across oceans and centuries.

    All the while, an ingenious murderer follows a sinister plan to gather the coveted antiquities, and one last acquisition: Daria. But nothing prepares her for the terror that descends upon the idyllic bayside community of St. Dennis on Maryland's Eastern Shore, where a depraved killer has left a grisly surprise for chief of police Gabriel Beck: the body of an unidentified woman, naked and completely encased in plastic wrap, stretched across the backseat of Beck's car.

    Hidden in the wrapping is a tape recording of the victim's last, gasping words, terrifying evidence of the horror endured at the hands of a madman. Soon the body count begins to rise as more victims are found, all gruesomely cocooned, their final pleas captured on tape. But their prey is closer than they ever could have imagined. Now Beck must race against time to save Mia from becoming the next victim of a serial killer as elusive as he is evil Now Dorsey is determined to find out where her father's investigation went wrong, what part he played in the death of an innocent young man, and where Shannon has been all this time.

    The heat is on FBI Special Agent Andrew Shields to discover what happened to Shannon on that night decades ago, and to find out who killed her and why. Dorsey shadows Andrew's every investigative move, hoping to redeem her father's reputation and capture a cunning killer. Together, Dorsey and Andrew unravel a shocking mystery that will shatter one family, and rock an entire town. Read an Excerpt "Another thriller with that patented Stewart flair.

    He is sentenced to die for the rape and murder of a young woman, his conviction hinging on two pieces of evidence: DNA testing and an eyewitness who placed him at the scene. But when the story breaks that the DNA testimony at trial had been fabricated and that the eyewitness was coerced by a cop, all hell breaks loose. In the absence of credible evidence to sustain the conviction, the court is forced to set Lester Ray free.