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Irish Women on the Southern Avalon, 1750-1860

Both became public sensations in their early thirties, their public emergence occurring within a ten-year span; in different spheres, both engaged in sustained cultural, political, and disciplinary critiques that were grounded in natural and biological science. Both understood that their visibility on the lecture platform and in the press was essential to their ambitions of becoming significant players effecting change. And both, alongside their contemporary notice and celebrity, were definitely the wrong sort for traditional cultural or disciplinary authority by virtue of gender, class, or both.

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Frederick is one of the 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year for , an award recognizing airmen for superior leadership, job performance, community involvement, and personal achievement over the preceding 12 months. Kenneth T. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. John Hyten by his former subordinate paints a picture of an outwardly professional relationship between a calm, cordial four-star and a sometimes brash, outspoken assistant.

Arnold Bunch said in a recent video town hall that his organization is digging into the specifics of which facilities problems to address and how to fix them as part of command- and service-level initiatives. Mark Milley handed over command of the Army to Gen. James McConville on Aug.

Air Mobility Command on Aug. Barbara Barrett's formal nomination to be the next Air Force secretary remains held up as officials finish the ethics paperwork required to send her name to the Senate for consideration, two sources tell Air Force Magazine. Air Force units will stand down for one day this summer to address the rising problem of suicides, which Air Force Chief of Staff Gen.

John Hyten this week suggested the Air Force can do more to draw nuclear engineering expertise from its Reserve component to avoid an overreliance on private industry. Boeing is abandoning its bid to build the next intercontinental ballistic missile amid an ongoing dispute with the Air Force about rocket propulsion. Mark Milley to be the 20th chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in an overwhelmingly bipartisan, vote. James Hecker has been nominated to receive his third star and take over as president of Air University, the Pentagon announced July Problems with unsafe and substandard housing on Air Force bases are declining thanks to a renewed focus on contractor maintenance and accountability, and requests answered more promptly, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Kaleth Wright said July For the first time in seven months, the Pentagon has a leader confirmed in the position by the Senate.

The Veterans Affairs and Defense departments are formalizing a program to educate female service members about the Veterans Health Administration support services available to them before their transition into civilian life or Reserve or Guard status.

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Michael Perolio will receive the Silver Star for his actions during a Jan. Elizabeth Warren D-Mass.

DOD this week published a multi-pronged digital modernization strategy targeting four areas that can benefit most from a new approach to the digital age: a Pentagon-wide data storage cloud; AI; command, control, and communications; and cybersecurity. Mo Brooks R-Ala. Craig Faller this week argued for daily US presence in his region to push back against Chinese, Russian, and Iranian influence, saying American military operations need to continue alongside its efforts to train local troops. As the Air Force revamps its approach to the high-profile light-attack experiment, it is beginning to tout another aspect of the program to partners and allies: AEROnet.

Jim Cooper D-Tenn. Heath Collins, service program executive officer for fighters and bombers, told reporters June Bill Urban said in a statement. Retired Col. David Goldfein, passed away quietly after a long illness June He was Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan is stepping down from his position and withdrawing from consideration for the Pentagon's top job, and President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that Army Secretary Mark Esper will be named the new acting Secretary. The base released a video of the test on June David Goldfein said June Arnold Bunch, head of Air Force Materiel Command, said in an exit interview from his post as top uniformed acquisition official.

John Chapman, the first airman to receive the Medal of Honor for actions since the Vietnam War, with a life-size statue and replica of the award at a squadron where airmen entering his career field train. David Goldfein issued a memo to commanders across the service on a new way of training and promoting officers that is better tailored to the needs of each career field.

Joseph Dunford said May 29 that given the choice between increasing in size and increasing in quality, the latter is needed in the face of budget realities. The Senate Armed Services Committee endorses a Space Force in its version of the defense policy bill, becoming the first defense oversight panel to explicitly greenlight the proposal this year. Louis, Mo. Tail No. The F program will likely experience both schedule delays and cost increases if Turkey is pushed out of the program, but the Pentagon is working on ways to mitigate the potential fallout in that event, Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment Ellen Lord said in a May 10 press conference.

David Nahom has been nominated for his third star and to be deputy chief of staff for strategic plans and programs. The US-led coalition is limited in its ability to collect intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance in key regions of the Iraq and Syria border as ISIS forces regroup and plan attacks, a Defense Department watchdog says in a new report. As space grows more contested, command and control will rely as much on the systems in orbit as the data they collect and share.

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Jay Raymond, aims to better harness that information by creating a repository where situational awareness and observation data from space-based sensors can be stored and accessed by warfighters on multiple security levels. The pilot and co-pilot were able to safely eject. David Thompson, the vice commander of Air Force Space Command, is all in on the idea of launching a giant network of satellites into low Earth orbit—an idea under debate within the Department of Defense for how realistically useful it may be and for which missions.

Richard Clark, Air Force deputy chief of staff for strategic deterrence and nuclear integration, said Thursday the service is taking steps to ensure the upcoming generation of nuclear enterprise leaders are well-rounded and identified from an early age. For the most part, that is classified. And needlessly so, according to the top US watchdog for Afghanistan reconstruction.

Timothy Ray approved a recovery plan on Tuesday. What they can control is how they prepare. Mike Holmes said in an interview. Bill Moran to be the next Chief of Naval Operations. John Hyten said this week. However, the service now needs to send the aircraft it has already received back to Boeing for more checks.

John Hyten this week was nominated to become the next vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the second Air Force general in a row to hold the position. His nomination was submitted to the Senate April 8. Adam Smith D-Wash. Richard Clarke Jr.

Michigan Lawmakers Call on Air Force to Base F-35s at Selfridge Instead of in Wisconsin

Joseph Votel. The Air Force is weighing the pros and cons of using both major solid-rocket motor providers—Aerojet Rocketdyne and Orbital ATK—in the later stages of the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent program, after the Defense Department voiced concerns about the state of that industrial base. However, as authoritative voices and bodies on the lecture platform, both had distinct disadvantages. Kingsley had no formal education and had grown up among her mother's servant-class relatives; Wells shared with many entering the lower middle class the status of "scholarship boy" whose education was focused on applied science and technology.

Nonetheless, the time was right. Both saw openings--even if grudging or problematic for the outsider to enter professional discourse. As outsiders, however, the value of the nontraditional and critical eye would depend on a mode of self-performance, knowing about its marginal status. That Kingsley, who made oddity fundamental to her art, would succeed, and Wells, a striver who misunderstood his marginality, would suffer humiliating defeat in debates among the Fabians, suggest ways in which outsiders were admitted on sufferance, and point to gendered and class strategies for "working the room" that would make a difference in whether or not they were heard.

Detecting strains of modernity in the s and the Edwardian decade often means simply identifying the beginnings of commonplaces in our own culture.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of West African Studies, by Mary H. Kingsley.

At the turn of the century, then, we see not only an age of the "personality," but understand as well that publicity and celebrity are reciprocal functions of audience and technologies. Potential audiences that came of age at the end of the century had been vastly expanded by the National Education Acts of the preceding decades; reciprocally, new technologies for producing ephemeral illustrated newspapers and magazines created or fed appetites that were somewhat different from the old.

With magazines such as the Strand, Pearson's, M. P Mainly About People , and a host of others, the age of the "personality" had arrived, and along with it, a blurring of boundaries between professional discourse and entertainment.