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New Testament Tithing and the Parable of its Validity


A spiel of the blessings one would receive as a result from paying your ministers to hear the Word of God. This commandment is called tithing.

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Tithing is leaving many confused and scratching for funds to avoid condemnation. I rarely notice joy at this time but rather the forced grin of obedience. The Pentecostal tithing teaching holds strong ties with the Old Covenant way of life. Materialistic gain being the proof of our favour with God. Does this hold true to New Covenant living?

The fear of the law of tithing

I am surprised that tithing is still accepted by many churches all over the world. It is regarded by many as an infallible biblical truth. A desire for truth has brought me to Jesus, God being the ultimate truth. It is this truth that has set me free and led me to write.

Tithing in the Bible - What Does the New Testament Say?

Though I hold few earthly qualifications, I try to the best of my ability to keep a critical view, exposing my work to other brothers, pastors, teachers and friends. The total evidence that tithing was practiced before the time of Moses consists of two passages in Genesis. In Genesis , Abraham gave a tenth of the spoils of his recent conquest against Chedolaomer to the priest Melchisedek.

Also, in Genesis , Jacob, awaking from his famous dream, vowed to give God a tenth of whatever prosperity God might give him in the time of his absence from Canaan.

Where does Tithing Fit in the New Testament?

Do these passages teach or even hint that godly individuals regularly devoted ten percent of their wealth to God? Two isolated cases cannot establish such a pattern, since we never read of Abel, Enoch, Noah, Isaac, Judah or Joseph observing any such practice. Nor do we have record of Abraham or Jacob ever doing so on occasions other than these two recorded cases. We have no reason to believe that Abraham tithed regularly. Therefore, none can establish from Scripture that tithing was a recognized or mandated practice prior to the time of Moses.

Furthermore, even if we did have a biblical basis for such a teaching, it does not follow that tithing continues as a duty into the New Covenant. Remember, circumcision and animal sacrifices both commanded in the Law of Moses were definitely regular practices prior to the giving of the Law, but this does not provide an argument for their continuance after the time of Christ. Tithing is mentioned in the New Testament in three connections.

Hebrews 7 simply recounts the story of Abraham and Melchisedek, without reference to any duty in this matter accruing to others. Jesus states that they should have done both i.

It is not surprising that advocates of tithing do not make much use of these New Testament verses. Spiritually, you get your feeding from your local church.

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Therefore, God commands you to give ten percent of your income to the church of which you are a member. Anything over that amount that you give is not your tithe, but an offering. The only thing wrong with the above argument is that there is not one legitimate scriptural point contained in it.

The storehouse refers to the storage rooms in the Jerusalem temple Neh. They ate it there, and any surplus was given to the poor Deut.

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Further, it is not a given that every Christian gets his primary spiritual feeding from his local church. It is the very negligence of such feeding by the churches that has led to the proliferation on non-ecclesiastical ministries sometimes called parachurch to make up for this deficiency.

Finally, nothing in the passage is addressed to New Testament believers. The ceremonial law served as a foreshadowing of the Christian revelation. He is not in a partnership with God in which God holds 10 shares and he holds In coming to Christ, the repentant sinner surrenders everything to God, and claims ownership of nothing Acts Those seeking to reserve a share of their lives for themselves need not apply Luke

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