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The Wardstone Chronicles concluded in , and are followed by The Starblade Chronicles , which are a planned trilogy following the continued adventures of Tom Ward, who has finished his apprenticeship and is now a Spook in his own right dedicated to fighting an unparalleled evil threatening the County, and the world.

Mane Attraction (A Soulstealer Novella, Book #1.5)

The illustrator for the original and UK releases is David Wyatt, providing the original series covers and the illustrations for each chapter. A noteworthy feature of the U. Sales of the Chronicles have exceeded 1 million copies.

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Ben Barnes starred as the main protagonist Thomas Ward. Audiobook versions of the series unabridged have been released in both the UK and the U.

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Thomas Judd read Books 3 through 8 and Book The U. Welch died of lung cancer in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Further information: List of The Wardstone Chronicles characters. Main article: Seventh Son film.

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Retrieved 15 May Retrieved Isle of Man Today. Retrieved 4 October When the waters of Lake Mavrovo start to run red it seems a sure sign that the demon king that cast him out may rise again.

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Below the surface Kit fights against the bloodlust of her selkie nature. Her lust for Mane has only begun. In order to investigate he will need to navigate the dominion of the selkie, and they aren't known for playing nice.

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Going from an apartment in the suburbs of Seattle to living in a castle at the bottom of a lake in the Realms was one change that Kit had to get used to, being half-selkie was another. Now she has to get used to the changes she undergoes after the selkie sleep, one that involves bloodlust and lust of a whole different kind.

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A problem she is hoping Mane will help her with. Create Widget. About Nicolette Reed. Learn more about Nicolette Reed. Also in Series: Soulstealer.

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