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Le livre des grimoires : De la magie au Moyen Age

When he appears, he will ask for one of your hairs. Give him a hair from a cunning animal, such as the fox, instead. He will be obliged to take it. It is for knowing where treasures are and for anything else that you would want of him. I conjure thee anew to hold thyself subject to all that I shall command of thee, without injury to my body, nor to my soul. Come, therefore, and obey me, so that thou mayest know, firstly, the conditions with which I wish to deal with thee, or send me another Spirit, who may execute my desires, point by point, and, above all, who will have found a treasure for me, with which I may be pleased, then, [depart] peacefully.

Most Potent Conjuration for finding hidden treasures This conjuration permits the discoveries of treasures, whether they have been hidden by men or by Spirits. It permits you to find them and to have them brought to you.

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Here is the figure of the Circle, which is important to trace on the ground before any operations for evoking. You should stand in the middle. If ye are rebellious and disobedient unto me, I command most powerfully for the Devils to torment you. Lastly, I pray to the Angel Michael to send you to the deepest of the infernal pits. May not one of these Spirits, therefore, be found here anymore, by the son of God Almighty, Great Jesus Christ, Most High, who reigneth for ever and throughout all the ages. Above all, he should guard himself when leaving the Circle, and make sure that the Spirits, whether they have appeared to him or not, have been dismissed beforehand, because otherwise, there would be danger.

If he wishes to be a wise magician, let him be on his guard at all times against Spirits' surprises. Let him not make any illicit pact with them. Final recommendation: let him command them always boldly, without any fear or apprehension. The Rome Manuscript Text 3 Note these images are ones which are not found in the other editions, or are different versions thereof.

Grimoire of Pope Honorius With A Collection Of Some Of The Rarest Secrets [] Rome 26 The Conjuration of the King of the East[] 28 The Conjuration of the King of the North[] 46 Very Powerful Conjuration for any day and any hour, Day and Night, for treasures hidden by men as well as by Spirits, to take possession of them or have them transported Collection of Secrets We have used the Collection of Secrets from the edition as the representative body of text; we have appended some of the more important differences into the text, where appropriate, from the other texts in order to complete it and these additions have been noted in the footnotes.

The illustrations are included from the edition, as the edition illustrations to the charms are in the images found in the previous section referred to by plate and figure numbers.

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The appendices following it note the main differences. But this should only be done by people, who are fearless. Reduce it into a powder and carry it upon yourself. In order to collect the herb, make a semi-circle with the names and the crosses indicated at fig. Go and immediately buy 49 a newly made earthenware pot along with its cover without haggling for it.

Return home, fill this pot with spring water up to two fingers width from the top and place the said hair within.


Cover the pot, put it in such a place that neither you nor anyone else will be able to see it, for there might be some danger [if they did]. At the end of nine days and at the same time [of day] that you hid it, go and fetch it. You will find within a little animal in the form of a serpent. It will stand upright. Place some wheat bran into it, and nothing else, but you should not fail to give him some [wheat bran] every day. And when you wish to have some silver or some gold, place as much [silver or gold] as you wish to have into the box and lie down upon your bed, placing the box next to you.

Sleep if you wish 50 for three or four hours. At the end of this time, you will find double [the amount] that you placed in it. But you should be careful to place back the same [amount as before]. Note that the little figure in the form of a serpent only comes through the power of the charm. Every day, you will draw double from it.

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Or instead of ordinary wheat bran, which is what is generally given to it, it is given bran from wheat, over which a Priest has said his first Mass, then it will die. Above all, do not forget 51 any condition, for there is no mocking in this affair.

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  4. Garter in order to travel without tiring oneself[] Leave your house whilst fasting, walk on the left-hand side[] until you have found a merchant of ribbons. Buy an ell[] of white ribbon. Pay what is asked of you and leave a farthing[] behind in the shop and return home by the same path. The next day, do the same until you have found a merchant of feathers.

    Buy a quantity of them, in the same manner that you bought the ribbon. And when you are back in your dwelling, with your own blood, write the characters from fig. When this has been done, leave the house. On the third day, wear your ribbon and your feather, walk on the left-hand side until you find a confectioner or a baker. Buy a cake or a two farthing 52 loaf of bread. Go to the first tavern and ask for a quarter of a pint[] of wine, have the glass rinsed three times by the same person, break the cake or the bread into three pieces and put the three pieces into the glass with the wine.

    On the other side of the garter, write the name of these two Spirits with your blood. Throw the feather away, drink the wine without eating, pay your share of the bill and leave. When you are outside the town, put on your garters. Take care not to make any mistake by placing the garter for the right leg on the left, as there will be consequences. Then go on your journey.

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    Make a dough from it and look for someone who is about to die a violent death, such as being hanged or by any other legal punishment. Approach as closely as you can to him and without saying anything, hold your dough up in the air. Then when you have judged that he has passed away, conjure his spirit to come and be enclosed in your dough in order to protect yourself against all manner of weapons.

    Return home and make some small dumplings. Fau, 1. Moot, and Dorhort. While making the dumplings, you have to say the Pater five times and the Ave etc. Note: that the number of these dumplings is arbitrary and that the preceding characters are written on a single piece of virgin paper 54 , you should share as many parts of the dumplings that you make as you can.

    The baptismal name of the patient should be named in the conjuration. Eternal Father, I beg you to send me your angels that are written in the circle and may they show me that, of which I am curious to know and learn, through J. In the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Then throw it into the air while reciting the conjuration and there will appear as many men as there are grains of sand; do this on the day and at the hour when the sun is in the Sign of Mary, the Virgin. Not to be wounded by any weapon Recite all of this in the morning.

    For fevers[] Dissolve half an ounce of green Couperose[] in a glass of water. Take the following preparations for five days: For intermittent fever Before bouts of fevers, take a sugared pill of powdered root of the Great Yellow Gentian. Renew it every twelve hours. For quartan fever[] At the start of the bout, take a sugared pill of Myrrh[] in a glass of white wine.

    Repeat three times. Then avail yourself of some powder, which exudes from the cavity of the dried fruit of the plant called Puffball,[] mixed with egg white. If the loss [of blood] is occurring internally, such as spiting and vomiting of blood, put some alum powder in a preserve of red roses and eat some of it in the morning whilst fasting and in the evening while going to bed until you have been healed.

    May they guard me; may no man, woman, lead metal, iron, nor steel wound me, cut me up, nor crush my bones, for the sake of God's Peace. Then wrap the burn with a thick wad of compressed cotton wool, or place a compress of strong wine vinegar[] on top of it, which you renew every two 62 hours for the first day and every six hours on the following days. For headaches Take some powdered black pepper,[] mix it with some good eau-de-vie[] to make a kind of gruel out of it.

    To prevent [someone] from eating at the table[] Nail into the underside of the table, a needle that might have been used to bury a dead man and which may have pierced his flesh. To prevent copulation For this operation, you will need a new pocket knife. For Games[] During stormy weather, gather some clover with four or five leaves, making the sign of the Cross over them.

    At other times, you should take care to keep it carefully pressed. If it is affected by this whistle, it will then die on the spot, otherwise it will promptly flee. Peter, thou shalt rise up, to St Ager[] shalt thou go. Thou shalt take some sacred ointment from the mortal wounds of Our Lord. To remove a fish-bone from the throat A medium-sized leek is used, whose roots or filaments have been cut away.

    Before setting off, swallow a small glass of aniseed[] in some broth or in a glass of white wine, 67 and rub your feet with some crushed rue[] in olive oil. To win at all games We have already made several ways of winning games known on pages 48, 64 and Here is another one of them, which we found in an old manuscript. We have not yet been able to judge its worth. To break and destroy all evil spells[] Take an amount of salt, more or less equal to the quantity of the cursed animals. On your forehead.

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    I make the Sign of the Cross of O. Eternal and Almighty God, Father of O. Open, Oh Lord, the gate of your glory by your bounty, so that, being marked with the seal of your wisdom, he may be free from stench, from attacks and from desires of the unclean spirit, and being filled with the sweet odour of your kindness and grace, may he observe your commandments with joy 69 in your Church.

    And while advancing from day to day in perfection, may he be rendered worthy to have received the beneficial remedy to his faults, by your holy baptism, by the merits of the same J.

    Livre des Ombres ou Grimoire

    Lord, we beseech you to grant our prayers, to preserve and protect the very same with a charitable love, who hath been redeemed with the price of your precious blood and by the virtue of your Holy Cross, by which we are marked. Jesus, Protector of the wretched and afflicted, be favourable unto the people, whom you have adopted, making us participants of the New Testament, so that the letters of the promise may be granted and received by your grace that they can only hope for through you J.

    I exorcise thee, Oh creature, in the Name of God, the Father Almighty and by the love that Our Lord Christ Jesus[] beareth, and by the virtue of the Holy Ghost; I exorcise thee by the Great Living God, who 70 is the true God, whom I adore, and by the God, who hath created thee, who hath preserved all his chosen ones, who hath commended his servants to bless him, to the benefit of those who believe in him, so that everything may become a salutary Sacrament to drive out the enemy.

    It is for that reason, Oh Lord our God, that we beseech you to sanctify this salt by your holy benediction, and to render it a perfect remedy for those, who shall receive thereof. May it remain in their bowels, so that they may be incorruptible, in the Name of O. I command thee to leave the body of N.