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India, however, accused Pakistan of harboring terrorist groups that frequently target India. Pakistan denied any camps existed at the site. Locals dismissed Indian claims of killing hundreds of militants and said only one man was wounded. A day later, Pakistan responded to what it said was a violation of its air space. Pakistani military spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor said Pakistani fighter planes locked onto Indian military targets, but deliberately avoided them and fired on open ground instead, in order to avoid an escalation of tensions but also to send a message to India to not violate Pakistani territory again.

In an aerial dogfight that ensued, an Indian MiG jet took a hit and the pilot was captured by Pakistani forces. The international community welcomed the act but continued to press Pakistan to take meaningful action against militants operating on its soil. On Monday, Pakistani Information Minister Chaudhry told the Reuters news agency the country was going to take such action. Pakistani media also reported through its sources that action against militant outfits seemed imminent. Chaudhry, however, maintained that his country had nothing to do with the Pulwama attack and the decision to take action against these groups had been made well before the incident.

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Prime Minister Khan says Pakistan is already taking action against any militant outfits to comply with the requirements of the Financial Action Task Force, an international body that monitors terrorism funding. In its last report issued in February, the task force said Pakistan has improved but needed further steps to curb funding for terrorism-related activities.

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Open main navigation Watch. English English voanews. They have both armed their militaries with nuclear weapons since their last war 50 years ago, raising fears another conflict could escalate into a nuclear exchange.

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    Hausa voahausa. Ndebele voandebele. Shona voashona. Soomaaliga voasomali.

    Kiswahili voaswahili. In though a first solution was found by introducing three languages as compulsory in schools, namely Hindi, English and the regional language. The problem about that was that even though Hindi is the variety most people speak in India, all the other varieties together make an even bigger number and therefore felt neglected. The present situation for the English language in India still does not look as gloomy, as it was predicted and intended by the Indian Constitution which said that,.

    Even though nationwide English no longer is the medium of education and instruction, it is compulsory in most of the parts of India at any stage. In some parts however it is an optional subject which is chosen as a second language very often, especially in non Hindi areas. Beside the educational part, English still plays an important role concerning public affairs like the Parliament, courts, banking, trading and commerce, and media.

    Within its history three Indian writers, Salman Rushdie in , Arundhati Roy in and Kiram Dasai in , won that prize, whereas with the same period not a single writer from the United States ever won that prize. M S Martin Steger Author. Add to cart. Table of Contents: 1.

    1. War Between India and Pakistan Averted by Parachute Mislanding?
    2. What is the tension between Pakistan and India all about? Euronews answers.
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    Introduction 2. The linguistic situation in newly created Pakistan 3. Indian English 3. Morphology, lexis and syntax 3.

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    Phonology 4. Pakistani English 4. Morphology, lexis and syntax 4. Phonology 5.

    What is the tension between Pakistan and India all about? Euronews answers

    Summary 6. Bibliography 7. Appendix 1. Introduction About 1. History and development of the English language in India 2.

    English before and during colonialism The development of the English language in India has to be split up in 3 parts.