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Like Inter Pipeline, Boston Pizza proves even high-yield stocks can up their distributions. UN has hiked its payout 14 times since debuting as an IPO in Same store sales, a key metric in the sector, have been weak lately, decreasing 0.

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This weakness is a nice entry point. Are you tired of working hard for your money? Our Lazy Landlord series shows you a better way. Because if dividend income is good, then more dividend income is even better, right? UN only yields 6.

High time 60% tax on risk capital brought down: Kotak

So sue me. Search for:. Here are three ideas to get you started.

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The first has been a general fear interest rates are going up. Renewables, like every other utility, is dependent on the debt markets to finance new power plant construction.

This will also lead to additional interest costs. The other problem is specific to the company.

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This gives them the right to sever a contract calling for it to buy a certain amount of production. Renewables disagrees. No matter the outcome over the long-term, the short-term ramifications are obvious — a decrease in cash flow. The good news is even without this income, the dividend should still be safe.

And investors get the potential to collect a nice capital gain if the case is won. The money BlackRock makes from selling the options is paid out as distributions to shareholders. The reason the call options are called "covered" is that BlackRock already owns the shares it sells the rights to. This is a nice way to boost yield on the portfolio, though it does diminish the gains from capital appreciation that investors will see on the shares.

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Still, picking the right ones takes some dig The Federal Reserve decided to cut rates as expected.