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What is it and what is the whitetail preference. The answer will be posted next week. We just uploaded dozens of new videos in both the public and member's sections of the site! Be sure to check out Educational Videos and Ask Dr. More coming, we are on a roll. Each week, we receive hundreds of inquiries through the Contact Us section of the website. We are continuously amazed by the folks who are surprised we actually answer them! Each week, we will feature the answers to questions, both on the public and member's sections of the site.

Life of Deer - Getting to know closely (Documentary)

Who knows? Your question may be featured! Of course, we will keep your name anonymous, just using your first name and the state you live in. There is new hope for truly managing CWD in whitetails.

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Kroll recently published an update on the latest advances in the Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters. Click here to read the article in Dr. Deer's Reading Room. It was only five years ago when Dr. Kroll discovered a strange pear growing on the research facility. Thinking it was just a "wildling," he almost killed the tree with herbicide,but decided to watch it for another year.

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That single tree turned out to be the parent of the greatest revolution in fruit trees for whitetails! Starting with only a few buds, Dr.


Kroll had them budded to root stock. We were excited that single buds grafted in February grew to 8 feet in height by July!

In Fall, , we made our first outplantings of the young trees, and were shocked to see them produce fruit this year! Here are some photos of a properly planted tree discussed later and a closeup of fruit just taken this morning 21 April, We will be offering bare root trees next winter for you to plant, and Dunstan Nursery will also make them available through their outlets. The real benefit to using Dr. Deer pears is that they have small fruit in clusters and tend to hold onto them well into late fall. We are excited!!

Back in , Dr. By , several states have enacted similar restricitons, based on an array of yearling protection strategies. We thought you might enjoy reading this historic document and think about the concept for your area. Click Here. The 10th Annual Dr. Deer's Whitetail World Field Day March 14th at the Research Facility near Nacogdoches, TX was huge success, with the attendance limit of 50 being reached far in advance of the activity. Attendees were treated to a host of hands-on presentations, ranging from cool and warm season food plots, to use of herbicides to improve whitetail habitat.

In addition, the Dr. Deer Approved and Dr. Deer Preferred product and service providers were in attendance to present the latest technologies in deer management and hunting. This was a special time for all, especially since it marked the inaugural presentation of Rio Grande Outfitters as the first Dr. Deer's Whitetail World franchisee.


Owner, Jim Kniestadt is a long time friend of Dr. Kroll and Ben Koerth, and we are proud to have him associated with the Dr. Deer Brand! Deer's Whitetail World offers only products and services that have earned the Dr. They a host of sheds, many of which were world class, but also found one of the bucks lost during the rut; a fine typical 6 X 5 five year old.

We hate to lose any buck, but when one like this is lost, its a shame some lucky hunter particularly a young person missed out on bagging a monster. Yet, we have many more and the loss soon will be replaced with yet another monster buck. Jim and Dr. Deer are partnering on making Wildlife Management News into a full magazine with broad geographic appeal. So, watch out for an announcement soon. Sal Peretore displays his "trophy" while searching for cast antlers on the Dr.

Deer Facility. The rut can be stressful for mature bucks, and we think this five year old died of pneumonia. We are adding new material daily to the Public and Member's Reading Rooms. Check out the material, and don't forget to use the search function for a particular topic. Doc recently completed four years of work on the scents produced by deer and deposited on signposts in staging areas.

QDMA and Kalkomey Launch First-Ever Deer Hunting Online Course – POMA

Read " Taking Center Stage. As you know, it is rare when Dr. Deer endorses a product, but when we do, you can be sure it IS a quality product. Brian Hicks, owner of TrophyTotes, is a long time associate with the Institute and we love his product! There is not a single soft-sided cooler bag on the market that even comes close to his.

One of the greatest issues for any soft-sided cooler bag is leakage; usually because the materials used to line the bag or the way they are joined allows water to leak out. After three years of testing, we have not found the TrophyTotes to leak one drop! So, we urge you to use this product. You can go online to purchase yours, or soon we will offer them on this site.

Click Here to Check Them Out. If you think you cannot produce food plots and supplemental foods in areas with hard winters, we think you will change your mind after reading this installment. Higginbotham is a unique individual, in that he is both an expert on warm water fisheries management and wildlife management; particularly in food plots and wild hogs. The new fisheries course should be available next month, along with his new module: Biology and Management of Wild Hogs in a Whitetail World. We will announce the availability of his courses as soon as they are completed.

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Folks are signing up fast, and there are only 50 spots open this year, so don't delay! This year promises to be better than ever, with experts such as Dr. Billy Higginbotham, Dr. Larry Redmon and Dr.

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  4. Steve Harrison presenting the latest information on things that really work in managing deer on YOUR property. Click here to register for the day. Each year, Dr. Kroll conducts a live broadcast of the annual deer necropsy health check at Turtle Lake Club, Hillman, Michigan.

    Those who tune in get to see examples of the various metrics we use to manage deer herds; plus diseases and parasites. This year, you are invited to attend the necropsy, help out, and learn a great deal about deer anatomy. The necropsy generally is conducted on the second Saturday of February, but the date is not firm right now. We are only taking 5 individuals for this, and there will be a charge to handle housing, transportation and meals. Attendees will arrive on Friday at Alpena Airport or drive in, arriving after lunch.

    We will have a social held at a nearby facility, followed by the necropsy on Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm. Attendees can leave any time after noon on Saturday or Sunday morning. Of course, if you cannot attend, you always can watch our Internet broadcast. Members will be given preference and a discount. Larry is a great hunter and really manages the farms he owns or leases around Caldwell County.

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    He only takes a few hunters to offset his costs, so if you are lucky enough to hunt with Larry, you have an excellent chance to harvest a good specimen of Western Kentucky whitetails. Go to Dr. Deer Facebook page to see what happened! We are proud to announce the latest addition of Wildlife Management News is now available to members, Click Here.

    This is the best publication for serious deer managers and enthusiasts available! Kroll even writes a column for the eNewsletter, which includes products endorsed as a Dr. Deer Certified Product. Only products tested by the Institute and proven to work, or those whose development included collaboration with Dr. Deer achieve this high award! Wildife Management News is one of these products or services. Jim Holbert is a man of utmost integrity and dedicated to the sound management and hunting ethics of whitetails; and, we wholeheartedly endorse the newsletter.

    You can access back issues of Wildlife Management News in Dr. Enjoy and learn!